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Richard Zarzi, is a contemporary French artist living between London and Cannes.  Considered one of the top five best pop artists in the world, his work celebrates the modern icons of our time. His style is a visual fusion between fashion, celebrity and art. He uses his extensive knowledge of the fashion marketing industry to create unique iconic images into contemporary art.

Made using a mixed media process which involves projecting iconic images onto a canvas screen print, which are then crowned with bold light and texture using resins, acrylics and diamond dust. The magical result underlines the characters natural charisma making their beauty timeless through a completely unique representation. Celebrated figures include Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, Bridget Bardot, and Charlie Chaplin.

Zarzi regularly exhibits at the Cannes Film Festival and produced a solo show in London dedicated solely to Kate Moss. His work is held in some of the most sought-after art collections in the world.

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