Bringing the outside in. Connecting with nature in the home 

It is well documented that being around nature can improve happiness and well-being, and incorporating nature related themes within the home can provide enjoyment all year-round. No matter where we live, the list of innovative and attainable ways to invite the outdoors in, is expansive: From living walls and natural materials to hammock beds, feature windows and structural glass walls.

Refresh and restore

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, researchers have revealed that exposure to nature can benefit our mental health, including decreasing stress and relieving anxiety and depression.

Natural environments have restorative properties that are especially beneficial in today’s information-overloaded world. When we engage with nature, whether by walking in it, tending to it, or simply gazing at it, our biological system gets to rest and restore itself.

An extension of nature

Some innovative architectural approaches include building designs around existing natural elements such as trees and streams.

Other more practical approaches can include incorporating a full wall of folding glass doors, or simply replacing an existing door or window with a larger one. This is an effective way to invite the outdoors in, not only because it floods the inside space with natural light, but it also provides a seamless transition between the two spaces.