A study of the effects of the visual and performing arts in Healthcare

Staricoff R; Duncan J; Wright M; A Study of the Effects of The Visual and Performing Arts in Healthcare 1999-2002.

Funded by the Kings Fund and commissioned by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Arts. The research for this study was carried out at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital from 1999 to 2002. A unique approach was designed to evaluate scientifically the effect of visual and performing arts in healthcare, and to explore whether they could have an effect on psychological, physiological and biological outcomes of clinical significance. The world's first scientific research of its kind.

The first phase published in Hospital Development in 2001, see publication below.  To read the full three year research study, see link - http://www.publicartonline.org.uk/resources/research/documents/ChelseaAndWestminsterResearchproject.pdf

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