J&D DESIGN provides a personalised service of the highest quality and all our projects are bespoke.  We are a published research based design company specialising in the use of colour and its psychological importance within interiors.

We create inspiring environments to live and work, from coveted homes and luxurious commercial interiors, to holistic healthcare environments. Each project is unique.  All our designs are characterised by a combination of expertise, quality, luxury, and detailing. J&D Design does not have a specific House style as this enables every project to be individually tailored to each client’s needs.

The spaces we create are detailed by refined use of materials and sophisticated use of colours, which are infused to produce a timeless visual vocabulary, both informal and bold.  We work with passion to design exciting harmonious spaces, that uplift the spirit and support working and living architectural environments.  Our focus speciality is luxury hospitality, hotels, residential and commercial clients.